Thursday, January 2, 2014

About Us

The Americana Project is a pet project of musician Adam R Sweet's.  He majored in Ethnomusicology at Hampshire College, graduating in 1985 with a BA having spent the majority of his time learning traditional acoustic Americana music, specifically "string band" and/or "bluegrass" music.

After graduating in 1985, Adam spent three years studying flatpicking guitar with Jim Henry, and perfecting his mandolin technique.  He joined Maple Ridge on mandolin and fiddle in 1989, and began playing with them throughout New England.  In 1997, he joined Swift River with John Rough and Claiborne Woodall, playing a mixture of originals and hard-driving bluegrass instrumentals and songs.  They were regulars at the Cantab Lounge in Cambridge, MA.

After Swift River broke up, Adam formed The Americana Project and has been performing primarily for weddings and private events since.

Listen to some recordings here:

If you would like to hire the Americana Project for your wedding or private event, call 413-248-7668 or email any time